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Re: trek designs by junxon

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Just some stuff i've drawn recently, thought you peoples might like a look. Also figured i should do something more than making occasional stupid remarks in the miscellaneous section

slightly pre TOS design, perspective probably not quite right, but its a nice distraction from doing university work. ship named after a film critic.

more stuff to come at some point!
I like the design style of this ship. Interesting direction here. One question would be - which era is this? 2240s? 2230s?

As for the ship itself, what are the armaments, specs? And one alternate take on it - center the warp pod and have four pylons, two top, two bottom, feeding in the warp plasma, the warp pod aligned along the centerline of the saucer. That might be an interesting take on this ship (my thoughts). We should definitely see more alternate ships from the pre-TOS era...something we don't see enough of!
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