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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Have been reveling in this set, and just finished Season 1. I'm finding that listening to the individual scores is somehow more evocative of the episodes than watching the actual episodes is, paradoxical though that sounds.

A number of tracks seem to start with the first note already "in progress" as the recording begins. I assume that's an unavoidable artifact of taking many/most of these from the original recordings?
I have now opened my set... and I have observed this issue with audio being clipped at the beginning of tracks. It is annoying!

Unfortunately, the problem lies in the mastering of these CDs -- quite a few of the tracks are not Redbook standard which calls for 2 seconds of "silence" at the beginning of the track so that CD Players have a chance to "unmute" themselves. Interestingly, most of the tracks seem to have 2 seconds at the end of the track which is fine, but won't help your player play properly. Some players are slower than others, but this often causes the start of a track to clip.

The fix: Remaster the discs. Insert 2 seconds of silence at the beginning of all tracks (I'm using Pro Tools for that operation). Reburn disc. Sad that one has to remaster an expensive box set just to hear the first few notes of a track...

While I'm there, I will probably get rid of some of the tape hiss on some of the tracks which also should have been fixed IMHO.
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