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Hey everyone.

I have been a member of the Trek BBS since 2001 or so, but I have been a lurker for the past few years. I read this entire thread and got into Minecraft mainly from reading your posts.

I played on a server with a work friend, but we don't play anymore. In that world, my favorite build was a giant TARDIS that is a hollowed out casino on the inside. It has a pool on the top floor, so at night the windows of the TARDIS are lit by the water and glass. It has guest rooms, casino stuff and I took a redstone slot machine design from the web and customized it and inserted it into my TARDIS.

I did cheat in building the TARDIS in that I used a program that would create an object from a blueprint file...however it created a completely solid TARDIS, so it did take me weeks, maybe a month, just to hollow it out. And then to build the casino, which is lit entirely with glowstone, no torches.

Here is a photo gallery, approaching from the water level mine ride, to the first floor and exploring the inside. I particularly like the night shots of the exterior at night, near the end of the gallery.

Thanks for looking! Although y'all probably don't know me, remember that I have been lurking this whole time!

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