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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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You are not in a position to isolate the effects of prayer to being something only affecting state of mind, as you have no grounds to form a judgement--and you reject the efficacy/reality of the opposite, so you are truly operating from a position of ignorance.
No I'm not. This matter has been studied, if you don't agree with the conclusions, that is hardly my problem.
You cannot "study" generations' worth of prayer and its effects on millions. Sorry, but investing your atheist hope in bankrupt "studies" will not move you anywhere near truth, or a greater understanding of history's accounts, when the "studies" are anything other than comprehensive--possible to reach a (likely pre-concieved) conclusion.

Some of the biblical stories are based on historical events, some are not. So what? That hardly matters when judging the veracity of the supernatural elements. Jesus probably existed (albeit, the evidence is rather slim outside the Bible)
Slim to one who has not studied the historical record--or is deliberately holding on to a fiction as a means of keeping his platform alive.

But this is indeed as Xhiandra said: certain religious people take an offence when other people do not recognise the special status of their beliefs. Your stance is rather arrogant, not only towards atheists, but to people of other faiths as well.
Arrogance--if not raging hatred is the only reason you are in this thread--the irony of the post above, is that you do not attack Judaism, Islam, or any other major faith--but center--on Christianity, as your ill resentment for it is obvious. Again, the agenda is clear.

I remember it was you who started to make up conjectures about transferring of the Katra not actually being transferring of the Katra or something like that...
...enter the lies. Unlike you, I presented the film's facts--not attempt to spin it into some scientific process never implied, intended or seen in the film. How are you not getting why it is so easy to call you on this?

In any case, what is going on in that film is vague, and I am sure that as human beings we view it though own our paradigms, interpreting it differently.
Nonsense. Dialogue is not vague. It was scripted to tell both Kirk and the audience a specific about a religious belief and practice. That is basic storytelling--so no one is left grasping for meaning, or filling in blanks (left by other films suffering from a poor story). This was the case with the STIII script, and since its 1984 release, next to no one ever questioned what Sarek said, or how the Katra was restored to Spock.

It is only through your frustration/hatred of religion that you tried to rewrite the plot by suggesting a scientific element nowhere to be found in the script, and rejecting the reason why no scientifc element was applied to the katra plot.

You are mistaken. I am not hostile, nor bitter. It is you who sees grave insults in an ordinary conversation.
Your hatred and bitter posts run through this thread, and have been cited. At this point, your denial is about as believable as the axe murderer standing in a basement full of dismembered bodies, covered in blood, holding the weapon in one hand, a head in the other and after being discovered, shrugs his shoulders and utters, "huh? I don't know where these fresh victims came from. This stuff was here when I moved in 15 years ago."
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