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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler

I watched the premiere. I didn't hate it, but no, I'm not inclined to like Lucy Liu very much. Maybe another actress would have impressed me more or been better with Miller. Maybe it's an individual thing, but Freeman/Cumberbatch just hit it out of the park too far so another Holmes and Watson are going to suffer by comparison IMO. For me, at least. If Freeman/Cumberbatch didn't successfully sell the very deep, platonic bond between the characters I might find the gay innuendo tiresome, but I don't see Holmes/Watson as two men attracted to one another physically, only emotionally due to circumstance and prior emotional pain. It's an emotional bond; it isn't physical longing or UST. That's why it resonates with me. Maybe chicks are just programmed to find that adorable.

Hetero men will do that--make jokes like that to ease their nervousness because men just don't feel they can be demonstrative with one another like female friends can. That's my life experience with the men I've known. Two of my male colleagues share an extremely close friendship because they served together in the armed forces and they joke around like that with one another. Oh my, folks are gonna talk and all that. They don't mean anything hateful by it.

I watched episode two of Jekyll. Poor Tom. What's he going to do? All those hateful men in the organization doing what they did at the zoo to his boy....bastards.

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