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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Then Bane sucked at closing off the city and the military sucked at getting INTO the city.
Yes, the fact that Bane did not manage to encase Gotham in a giant impenetrable sphere does indeed mean that he sucked. As for the military, kaboom.

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Do you REALLY think the President, Congress, the military and, hell, the American people are just going to shrug and say, "Whadda you gonna do?! Send them a truck full of food every couple of weeks and we'll call it good."
In the real world? I have no idea. In any event, kaboom. ( Which would involve political fallout if not the other kind. )

And I don't see what the attitude of "the American people" has to do with it. So what if they don't like it? The vast majority would just bitch and complain, and any few that tried to get in would be stopped by the military.
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