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Re: Will "Into Darkness" be a 911 parable?

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This got me thinking. Will "Into Darkness" be a parable on 911 and terrorism with a message that basically says "terrorist are not really pure evil because while their methods are abhorent, their motives might be sympathetic and they only do what they do because they see themselves as the underdog?
No, because STXI was already a 9/11 parable, between Nero's omnicidal rage and his imcomprehensible finger-pointing and blame-gaming.

More to the point, the motives between the 9/11 terrorists weren't all that sympathetic. They genuinely didn't care if they were the "good guys" in any scenario, they do what they do because they are TOLD to do it and because they have been conditioned to obey those orders to the death.

So unless Cumbebatch's character turns out to be the real mastermind behind Nero's evil plot, there's no 9/11 parable to be had. This is something entirely different.
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