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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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I never claimed they were the same melody or rhythm; obviously they aren't. I'm saying Courage's Commander motif is structurally similar enough to Steiner's "Romulan Theme" that it seems likely to be a pastiche of it, an homage to it. Much like Steiner's Enterprise theme from "Charlie X" and "Mudd's Women" is a pastiche or inversion of the Courage fanfare -- different notes and timing but the same structure, not a variation on the theme but a reference to it.
Yes I understood. I am disagreeing with you, not failing to understand you.

If it has neither the same melody nor the same rhythm values; if it has neither the same key (unconfirmed, just my impression) nor the same interval values (I'd have to see a score, my ear is not good enough); then it's tough to say it has anything at all in common musically. (If the three pairs of notes are descending in the Courage, and also descending in the Steiner, then we can rule out inversion.)

The "structural" similarity you call out seems way too vague to justify calling the one a variation of or reference to the other. Melodies ascend and descend; without a hard reference point like melody or rhythm or key or interval to identify between two, there's just not much to go on.
(Don't the pairs sometimes descend and sometimes ascend in the Courage?)

I'll change my tune (heh) if we learn that the intervals are the same between the two pieces. Then I would agree that the Courage is a nod to the Steiner.
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