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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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But in the Utopia, you're supposed to want to provide a service for your fellow man. Like a restaurant. Or wine. It's supposed to be rewarding and fulfilling by itself.
Well I don't know. But tell me, what push you to provide service to other people in daily basis for your entire life? To open a restaurant that open at 9 AM to 9 PM everyday is not an easy task. You have to sacrifice your life style, your family time, for work. Not to mention that you need helpers to cook, clean, and serve. And because you serve a non replicator food, then you need to buy the meat etc in the market, prepare them, etc.

It is definitely not a one man show activity. And it will bore you after two or three years because of the repetitious and hard work. People keep doing this today because it is profitable. What about in the 24th century?

So... how do you do that? It is rewarding and fulfilling by itself? yes, it is. But how do you keep doing that everyday for your entire life? What motivate you to work and work, and work in a never ending same activity? Remember, a restaurant is different to a canteen or a chicken coop.

It is different if there is a government interfering. Like this :

The Earth Government give a rule to the entire Earth Population :

The Government said : Earth is the safest place in the universe. Ok, I can provide you a safe haven for your entire family, give your children education, food, etc. But you must work for me (the Government) with your skill. And because you can cook, then you should open a restaurant. I'll provide you with the raw material, etc. You must work to provide your neighborhood with good food. A restaurant is a life style center. It makes people happy, and the government is happy if seeing their people happy. Because there is no unrest on Earth (a kind of population control program)

Then what about the lazy people and free loader? It easy. Just get out of Earth. Seek your fortune in the backwater colony.

Well, it is not a paradise like we want to think, but it work, I think.

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