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Re: Adobe Reader update question

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Yeah, your best option is to uninstall and reinstall the program. I get these same issues with Adobe Flash. Of course, I'm one of these people who recommends FoxIt (, because it's much faster, much lighter on resources than Adobe Reader, and 100% compatible. It's also free.
I've used Foxit for years and much prefer it to Adobe. I thought it was 100% compatible, but I have come across one instance where it is not. There is one .pdf I've downloaded from, the US government central website for grant applications, that Foxit cannot open. The website specifically says that you must have Adobe Reader and it will even check your computer for it before it will let you download it. I had to have it as part of a grant application, so I had to download and install Adobe Reader. Once I got it I tried to open it with Foxit and sure enough, Foxit can't open it at all. I don't know why, or why the document couldn't have been made in such a way that other, non-Adobe, pdf software could open it, but nevertheless that's the case here. In spite of that, I still much prefer Foxit to Adobe and that one document is the only one I use Adobe for.
Hm. That is odd! I'm glad I haven't come across that problem yet, and I hope it doesn't become common practice by pdf creators.
I have, though it is extremely rare. Usually also requires that you have the most current version too, which is annoying.
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