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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Trekker4747 wrote:
Here, until we're shown he's working with Talia, we're pretty much led to believe he just "knew" where to attack Batman's armory.
...but now you know better, right?

Trekker4747 wrote:
How DID Wayne get back into Gotham?
He entered the cave system connected to the Batcave, got in the Bat, and flew into the city.

Or he snuck in with the food shipments.

Trekker4747 wrote:
And, what, the government just pretty much let Gotham stay occupied under siege for MONTHS?!
The presumed alternative was kaboom.

Trekker4747 wrote:
so he goes complete emo
It's all Obi-Wan's fault! He was holding him back!
You get hurt, hurt 'em back. You get killed, walk it off.
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