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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Making his first name "Robin" was somewhat silly. But it was still a moment that made me smile. I dunno.

I watched the movie recently on BD, got it for Christmas, and really it's hard for me to get enthusiastic about it. There's just a LOT of problems in it that are hard to overlook. I can overlook the silly microwave/water boiling machine in the first movie, or how The Joker managed to two ferries with explosives and other contrivances in his plan(s) in the second one but the third movie, I think, asks way too much.

IIRC in the comics Bane spent MONTHS breaking down Batman, wearing him out, to buy himself time to discover his secrets, breaking people out of Blackgate/Arkham and so on. Here, until we're shown he's working with Talia, we're pretty much led to believe he just "knew" where to attack Batman's armory. The comic version strikes me as more interesting.

Then, somehow, Bane is able to plant all of these explosives all over the city in the concrete (what? The Gotham recently rebuild the football stadium and most of their centuries-old sewer tunnels? Gordon and the police just thought it was a good idea to send the vast majority of their officers into the sewers?

How DID Wayne get back into Gotham?

And, what, the government just pretty much let Gotham stay occupied under siege for MONTHS?! And kept sending in supplies and such? What?!

Much of this movie doesn't make sense, and really, as good as Hardy was in this he's just not nearly as interesting watch as the Joker and his Sean Connery-ian accent is hard to find intimidating with bulking hulk that he is. It's like watching Mike Tyson talk. You know he can turn you into pulp but you can't help but laugh.

And, really, would it have been that big of a deal to work the Venom into the story somehow? Couldn't it just have been a powerful artificial steroid Bane was using that was constantly being pumped into him through the mask rather than, "Uhhh... anesthetic. His face got jacked up.. or something."

And Wayne's recovery is pretty remarkable. Apparently all he needed was some fancy techno kneebrace to overcome the complete lack of cartilage in the joint. And, of course, it's hard to ignore him going into retirement for 8 years after only being Batman for ONE year. He retires because his girlfriend died, apparently more devastating and life-shattering than his parents being murdered right in front of him so he goes complete emo for 8 years.

There's just a lot of flaws in this movie and they don't all add up and leave me unsatisfied. I enjoyed it, it's "good" and certainly better than the other Batman franchise but hardly think it breaks the "curse" of the third superhero movie always being the worst one. (Of course it's leaps and bounds better than Batman Forever, Spider-Man 3 or Superman 3.)
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