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Re: Most Powerful Sci-Fi Civilization

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Marco Polo which is a 2.5Km sphere ship.
A later ship, the 14Km long BASIS, mean little thing...
From Wikipedia, on Culture ships:
General Systems Vehicles (GSVs) are the Culture's largest type of ship, ranging between 25 km and 200 km in each dimension (including the fields protecting them and forming the exterior of their life-support system)
Its almost not possible to compare any SF series to Perry Rhodan, the story arcs sometimes span years in writing and 40.000 years in in universe history, the vastness of it all is beyond everything else in SF, it spans 51 years now and they're still writing it, the "universe" they've created is mind blowing, the characters, the technology its all HUGE.
Quantity does not equal quality (and yes, I realise the irony of that statement).
1984? We're way beyond that!
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