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Re: Missing episodes: a hypothetical question

Actually, Ian Levine has already produced an animated completion of "Shada," with John Leeson doing K9 and one Steven O'Donnell recording the few Denis Carey lines in the animated sequences. (I can't find any information about Gerald Campion's part.) Additionally, impressionist Paul Jones replaces Tom Baker, who was unwilling to participate. Otherwise, I think the major cast was intact. But Levine, who was making the animation largely for his own private entertainment (he does a fair bit of this sort of thing), made no effort to get the legal clearances that would be necessary for the formal release of such a project, and the forthcoming Legacy Box DVD set will include only the only VHS version of "Shada," with linking narration by Tom Baker. Whether this is because the Adams estate wanted too much money, because range producer Dan Hall doesn't believe "Shada" ought to be completed via animation, or because everyone has a grudge against Ian Levine, remains controversial.
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