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It's anything but a "cheap gimmick" and Star Trek TOS was virtually always "human focused" - we saw, at most, a couple of aliens serving in Starfleet during the entire run of the series, and not even that many human beings who were directly identified as having been born anywhere other than Earth.
And you know happened with Star Trek over the years after TOS? It grew up. TNG included a pure blooded alien who was a primary character and DS9 gave us multiple alien characters who had many episodes dedicated to them even without the human characters.

Star Trek grew from a series where humanity was the center of the galaxy to just becoming part of a much bigger and diverse galaxy where creatures that are not humans can be just as important in the grand scheme of things. Even WOMEN got to have a role more important than just being the receptionist.

But with JJ's Trek, we've not only gone back to the human dominant crew, we've also gone back to a male dominant crew. Whatever alien looking crew members that are in these films will probably be lucky to have*just a split second of screen time or one word of dialogue.
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