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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

I saw this earlier today, and I enjoyed it. It wasn't anything mind blowing for me, but I did enjoy it quite a bit. I do agree that it did have some incredible performances from pretty much everyone (except Russle Crowe, he wasn't horrible, he just didn't quite rise to the same level as everyone else). I came into this with no knowledge of the story or the play so, there was quite a bit that caught me off guard in the story. I did feel it started to drag a bit after the battle, but it wasn't enough to ruin the movie. I saw it with my mom, and one she said that I did have to agree with was the overuse of closeups. I understand that there wasn't any kind of big choreography or anything, but it still would have been nice if they could have done something a little more interesting during some of the songs. Rating on a 1-10 scale, I'd have to go with 8.5.
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