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Re: Amazing Spiderman #700

Ok, so lets go ahead and skip ahead to the part where Peter gets back to being Peter.
I wasn't impressed with where this was going back at ASM #698. This grand Anniversary issue showing where once again Ock seems to have gotten the best of Peter is a bit of a let down. I mean the Anniversary issue of such a milestone for the title has the hero not only losing....but seemingly dying(golden loophole and all notwithstanding).

Clearly it seems TPTB want this to be the status quo for some time, not just one 6 issue arc. Wacker has essentially said as much that we can count on this to last for a good year or more. I'm guessing the "or more" depends on feedback and readership numbers for Superior Spiderman where Octo-Pete will be playing out. The ending for this has to already be in bullet point somewhere just ready to polish off and initiate at the right moment, whenever that is determined, one year or more.

So jumping ahead. We have to get Peter's consciousness into something that can fight. Ergo, it's either a mechanical construct like say an LMD, more robotic like a Spider Slayer(look legit fighting Spiderman afterall) or....wait for it...a clone.

I realize I'm on a thin limb here but say Peter clones himself, transfers himself into it, now he's essentially the clone that caused so much uproar in the 90's. Say he gets his real body back. The clone retains fragments of Peter's consciousness and becomes Ben Reilly 3.0?

I'm just not impressed with this story of going all 'Freaky Friday' and looking ahead at ways to end it.

Also, how does this alter, if at all, the Mephisto deal?
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