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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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You are not in a position to isolate the effects of prayer to being something only affecting state of mind, as you have no grounds to form a judgement--and you reject the efficacy/reality of the opposite, so you are truly operating from a position of ignorance.
No I'm not. This matter has been studied, if you don't agree with the conclusions, that is hardly my problem.

Furthermore, am I also operating from position of ignorance if I claim that broken mirrors do not actually cause seven years of misfortune?

And did you even read the dictionary entry for 'superstition'? It describes exactly a prayer affecting the world. Which part of it do you not agree with?

Now, one could argue that having superstitions is not such a bad thing, and could even be beneficial in certain conditions, but that is another matter.

From the post above, it is clear your are so driven by a hatred of Christianity, that you ignore any historical records (or i'm suspecting do not know beyond what certain atheist "heroes" spun/groped around) which exist apart from scripture--a far different situation than the pagans you refer to.
Some of the biblical stories are based on historical events, some are not. So what? That hardly matters when judging the veracity of the supernatural elements. Jesus probably existed (albeit, the evidence is rather slim outside the Bible), that no way means he actually was a god. Egyptian Pharaohs were believed to be gods, I don't thing they were either.

But this is indeed as Xhiandra said: certain religious people take an offence when other people do not recognise the special status of their beliefs. Your stance is rather arrogant, not only towards atheists, but to people of other faiths as well.

If you are so insulted by me calling your religion a myth, why should not pagans be equally offended by you deeming theirs a myth?

Your every post in this thread has been a study in hostility--even to the extent of trying to rewrite a plain-as-day series of statements/actions in the STIII script in a failed stab at reducing a clearly religious belief/action/result to something scientific--not even remotely suggested by the script or released film.
I remember it was you who started to make up conjectures about transferring of the Katra not actually being transferring of the Katra or something like that...

In any case, what is going on in that film is vague, and I am sure that as human beings we view it though own our paradigms, interpreting it differently. To me it seemed to be perfectly natural continuation of whole Vulcan telepathy/mind meld business, and I've never seen that as any way 'magical' either.

When you go that far, you are making it rather easy for others to spot your agenda, so it should come as no surprise when you are called out regarding your bitter stand.
You are mistaken. I am not hostile, nor bitter. It is you who sees grave insults in an ordinary conversation.

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