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Re: Petition CBS to fix the problems with TNG:S2 Blu.

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I doubt CBS will redo S2 anytime soon, but they might eventually, and will be more likely to do so at some point if there's a petition with however many fans nicely asking them to.
Well, since the amount of footage, that has to be redone, is limited (and thus the costs), it actually might happen. Maybe after season 7 has been done and the sfx teams have a very polished, quick workflow, they put the lacking scenes into the pipe again and put them on the next release of Season 2.

And as motivation I dont think they need a petition for that. Those involved into the remaster of TNG and like to watch the show themselves, are probably even more "pissed" than some of us are. Because they are professionals and they probably see even more errors than we do and are even more irritated by them. And not only out of personal drive to make a polished product from 1st season to the last, but also out of interest to make a little more money with this project, it would not surprise me if internally some already are pushing to polish Season 2 again.
Errors are a part of life. Little to nothing is "perfect." Sometimes, mistakes are part of the "art." And it's also part of the history.

I highly, highly doubt there will be a second Season 2 release. It would not be profitable, which is the biggest motivating factor, of course. I'm sure there's many fans who won't buy it again. Heck, I'm sure there are DVD owners who don't feel like buying TNG again.
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