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Re: Nanotechnology... $2 trillion business by 2014

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The investment page WAS and advertisement, I never said otherwise...
An advertisement is NOT an investment page; they are two different things.

however it collected info for the industry onto one page in promotion of it...
And the fact that it collected positive-sounding information totally out of context and without citation or other factual support is the difference between commercial advertising and actual investment information.

Yes, as I said, the total value of products is higher than the revenue, but the point is revenue is very high, and according to actual market research
But nowhere near a trillion dollars, not now nor in the near future, especially under any reasonable definition of "nanotechnology."

The $15-20 billion figure is conservative and does not include total value of all nano products
To be sure, it doesn't include the SPECULATIVE value of nano products that do not yet exist. Genuine market research doesn't attach value to things that haven't even been invented yet. You take that sort of case to a real investor and the first question he's going to ask is "Which of those nano products do you expect to be able to produce in the near future and how much do you plan to sell them to, and to whom, and in what quantity?" None of your market research even approaches that question; it's vague potentialities, which really just amounts to more hype.

FYI, technology research, like advertising, is NOT market research.

The significant drop in prices of a broad gamut of nanotechnology based products and materials such as nanoclays and silver-based nano-additives among others will especially help broaden their applications in wide spectrum of industries, thus boosting the market.
And what exactly are the revenues for manufacturers of THOSE products?
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