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Re: Everytime I watch TWOK/TSFS...

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True! One of the most terrible cont errors I've ever seen is where they slipped in a shot of a a klingon and expected the audience wouldn't notice it WASN'T Saavik.
Damn! I completely forgot about this!

Yeah, it's just before the Pon Farr scene. At one stage I speculated that this was intentional, as if a Klingon had gone ahead and was trying to sneak up on Saavik and Spock, only to get killed during the tectonic event.
No it wasn't intentional--they just didn't have the shot they needed of Curtis.

It's when Saavik is standing next to a tree after she has sent david off to fight the Klingons. By, you know Vulcan 'expert' Nimoy who forgot that Vulcans 'can go without sleep' for weeks who later had Saavik sound asleep after mating with young Spock and got taken by surprise by the klingons.

Here is a still of the shot, but it is nearly impossible to see in a single frame.
On right side of picture a klingon from the back, his head and right arm behind the tree.
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