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Uh, OK but when we've got the screenwriter saying he wants to make Earth the anchor of nu-Trek and we have a trailer with zero space shots you can at least understand why we're concerned?
So, the exterior of the Enterprise getting shot to hell didn't occur in space?

You're 'concerned' because you've already formed an opinion about that movie and feel the need to bitch about said opinion, not because of anything that's actually been released.
Well OK, I assume you don't mean that I actually bitch about my own opinion as that makes no sense. Instead, I'll assume that your grammar is horrendous and that you meant to say that I shouldn't express my opinion despite not having seen the finished movie.

I have formed the opinion the movie might not be very good. Others have formed the opinion that the movie might be very good.

All of us are allowed to post here without being harassed and told to stop just because we happen to have uncool opinions. I thought Trekkies would actually empaphise more with those that have unpopular views and not pick on them for having feelings they can't help. I WANT to think this movie looks incredible, exciting and daring. I really do. Its fans yelling at me to STFU at every opportunity isn't gonna help.

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