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Re: Starfleet Marine Corps

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Perhaps the main Marine on Stargate, Lieutenant Ford became a jerk as a side effect of being wounded in action.
Well, it's not just Lt. Ford. There was also:
-Colonel Makepeace: Aside from being a condescending jerk to the SG-1 team, we find out he was working for the rogue NID.
-Sgt. Bates: An in-your-face jerk who was always stirring up trouble before getting his ass kicked by a Wraith leading to a medical discharge.
-Colonel Everrett: Declared himself in charge of Atlantis and gave Weir and Sheppard a hard time. Got fed on by the Wraith.
-Sgt. Greer: Was facing charges for assaulting a superior officer.
-Sgt. Spencer: Mentally unstable, was caught stealing rations, eventually committed suicide

Also, General Landry thinks Marines are "cocky sons of bitches" and says he can't stand them.

So, nearly all the USMC characters seen in Stargate are portrayed in a negative light, and a main character in the USAF openly shows his disdain towards Marines. Doesn't anyone else see a double standard in a show which the USAF requests its personnel be depicted as model human beings is apparentally allowed to show the USMC as anything but?
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