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Re: Scientist declares “Earth is F**ked" --Discuss?!

"Brad Werner has a simple question: Is the Earth fucked? He also has a remarkably complicated methodology yielding a very simple answer: yes, unless people start a serious global rebellion.

Werner, a complex systems researcher at UC San Diego, spoke on Wednesday at the huge American Geophyiscal Union conference going on in San Francisco. "
The UC system... I'm starting to roll my eyes already...

"Werner, sporting a neon green winter hat over bright pink hair, discussed the nature of interactions between humans and the environment, and what those interactions say about the future. His argument goes something like this: modern culture, with its emphasis on money and economics, is far too focused on short time scales. Capitalist culture tends to encourage decreases in "dissipation of transactions" – it is much easier to get food now than it used to be, or to talk to someone not next to you. These changes reduce friction within our system, and a reduction in friction "promotes instability." So we're in the process of destroying things thanks to that instability, and even when we engage in environmental management efforts, we couch them in capitalist terms, like cost/benefit analyses as efforts to deal with climate change. This, Werner says, will inevitably lead those management schemes to fail over a long enough time frame. And he actually created a computer model to study all of this… stuff. Broadly, the result is discouraging."
How am I supposed to seriously consider what this hippie has to say?

Having easier access to food and cultural exchanges with people around the globe is a GOOD thing, Dumbass.

Those factors tend to reduce the chances of...

1.) A war breaking out over resources (like foodstuffs and fertile lands for agriculture) or...

2.) Some kind of misunderstanding between two country's leaders who lacked perspective on each other's mindset.
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