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Yeah, this is my least favorite aspect of new Star Trek. It's only been one film so far and hints about the next, but this quote seems to cement the geocentric nature of this version of the Federation and Starfleet.
In what way is this unique to "new Trek"? Every single Trek movie with the exception of Insurrection had an Enterprise and/or her crew on Earth. Every single Trek movie except Insurrection and TSfS had a villain or threat who either had its origins on Earth, visited Earth, or threatened Earth.

The movies have always featured Earth, because they're trying to make the threat destination or origin, the crew location, or the setting relatable to the audience, which in the case of the films needs to go well beyond just preexisting fans in order to be viable and profitable.

At least in ST09 we got a focus on two other planets (Vulcan and Delta Vega) and in STID we get at least two more (Nibiru and Q'o'nos, with the Enterprise crew beginning their part in the film on Nibiru). It just seems odd to single out the new movies as exceptional in their use of Earth compared to the older movies, which used it just as often if not more so.
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