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Re: Information age to "Hybrid Age"

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Wow...the fact that portable computing devices increase the depth of knowledge and in effect enhances human faculties is by far NOT the most contentious issue I raise. Far from making me lose people, it's already an established fact...portable computers are a transformative technology, with both extenuating and direct impact on economics, knowledge, and information gathering. This has been discussed for decades.
And yet, it's a pretty enormous leap from "smartphone in your pocket" to "microprocessor in your brain," especially since not everyone in the western world even USES smartphones.

More importantly, smartphones can be as much a benefit as they are a distraction; along with turn-by-turn navigation and 4G internet, you also get twitter and facebook updates. You gain the ability to teleconference with your coworkers via facetime or skype, but you also run the risk of being run over by someone who starts reading a text message in the middle of a u-turn. You can store all your contact information and all of your appointments and reminders, and you can also store a gigabyte of porn to pass the time between them.

You're too focused on the technology, Rama. You never seem to take PEOPLE into account.

The idea that these enhancements can be tied directly into the brain and used networked in real time is more controversial. Smartphones don't make us cyborgs, but they can lead to a technology that will.
Correction: they lead to a technology that COULD.

Well I have explained WHY we'd want to be cyborgs and more before haven't I?
You've explained why SOMEONE might want to be a cyborg, sure. But that's an assumption that is entirely divorced from the way real people make value judgements, especially on things relating to body modification and medical procedures.
Well if you want to get technical, there are already tens of millions of cyborgs alive in the world today.

Wanting to keep humanity IN AI is survival, quite a common human value.

Smartphones are basically a buffer to your brain already; chips implanted in humans are not sci fi they already have been done; human to computer and human to robot parts links have already been done. I've already posted my timeline when I think these technologies will mature, but they are already here.

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