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Re: Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

Inside the motel room, Noah Bennet was being frisked for weapons (of which he had none on him – go figure). As he was allowed in another knock on the door was greeted by Agent Dunham.

Pete and Nick had set up an interview with the Daily Planet and had advised both Agencies of the fact. Now the man was here and they made sure that all of the men were present.

“Hi, my name is Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet.”

“I am Special Agent Olivia Dunham. These are my colleagues Agent Farnsworth, Peter Bishop, and Doctor Walter Bishop. We will be in the other room while the interview is conducted.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, please stay.”

“Whatever is revealed will be contrary to the judicial process. I will be in our van with my team.” They leave and go to the unmarked van.

“So, tell me, Clark, how is Smallville,” asks Noah.

“Uhm, I don’t know you, sir.”

“That’s okay, I am familiar with you. We can talk freely in here. I just jammed any outside recording capabilities.”

“You know me?”

“Yes, just like I know Agent Dunham and Peter Bishop. Walter used to work with us, but I suppose that the brain surgery took a toll on him. What is Tess up to these days?”

“You know Tess?”

“Of course, who did you think gave Veritas their information?”

“You betrayed us, all of us.”

“No. I gave information, what the people did with it is not my concern. I was a deep member of Veritas for many years. At first I thought that Lionel Luthor was a hope, but his death made that impossible.”

“Lex killed him.”

“I know. I came here to help these young men acquit themselves. All the information is on this disk. Nick, Pete, please use this since it contains the facts of each of the situations in the case. Dean, Sam, Bobby, with this you will be off within a day, so just sit tight. Put a rush job on this, Gentlemen, these guys need to be back on the front lines immediately.”

Nick and Pete look at the data on the laptop and move out the door so fast they nearly trip over each other.

“What was on that,” asked Dean.

“Closed Circuit Camera evidence of every hunt you ever made, with sound. People think vampires, and ghosts can’t be photographed. Well satellite imagery is near perfect. I know what to look for, why do you think Bobby and I are such good friends. I make sure that any hunt, even those your dad went on and any that are affiliated with your groups are monitored and photographed with video, audio and witnessed.”

“Won’t people get suspicious? I mean can’t that stuff be faked?”

“Any test will prove its validity, and with a Torchwood Stamp of Approval, well let’s just say that not even the President can overturn that one, although rogue agents in the UK took out the Cardiff Branch just a few months ago. That was unfortunate, since we could have stopped it if we would have been clued in.”

“Bobby, we have got to get this thing settled between you and Crowley.”

At the mention of his name, Crowley appears.

“You rang,” he joked.

“Ok, I did not see that one coming,” confesses Clark.

“Ahh, the Kryptonian. It’s nice to see a person of strength in the room. These pansy-asses could never take care of themselves properly. But you, my god, you would definitely be an asset.”

“Clark, this is the demon we spoke of.”

“Him? He looks harmless.”

“Don’t judge the meatsuit. I tend to use this one just a bit. Picked it up in Washington DC in 1969 and I just couldn’t let it go.”

“Yes, now I know this man,” said Noah. “He’s an FBI agent. He helped out in a case involving President Nixon, Neil Armstrong, the Doctor and his companions.”

“Yes. Canton Everett Delaware, the Third. I just couldn’t resist; a gay FBI agent in the 1960’s? It’s precious. And when I saw what he did for the Doctor, it was love at first sight. Grant you, I only use him very sparingly. A day here, an hour there, you know.”

“Why are you here Crowley? Come to rub our noses in this,” asks Bobby suddenly very angry.

“No, I came to warn you. I represent a group of demons known as the Fallen. We escaped hell long ago. Mainly it was because of the Hunters, but also because of some very interesting events. This earth is not the center of the multiverse you know. Although there is a planet out there that can be said to be that world, in a physical sense at least. But I digress.

No, I am here to help. There is the Fallen – me and some others, and there are the Iconnu. Evil bastards. They locked up Lucifer tighter than a medieval princess’s chastity belt. Now I realize that you intend to stall the vengeful meeting of Brother against Brother, but there are more important things to consider. Lucifer is out. He is traveling the world. I came across a strange assortment of characters in my efforts of self-preservation. This group of people is seemingly unconnected, but has been working for Lucifer without their foreknowledge.

Apparently a copy of an ancient manuscript known as Days of Fire was seen on this continent. We are going to have to track it down before Lucifer does. He intends to use it as his Manifesto so to speak. If he does that, the Iconnu will take over the world. Unfortunately, your current predicament is rather difficult to circumvent.”

“I am taking care of that,” says Noah.

“And who might you be?”

“Noah Bennet, Torchwood.”

“Oh this just gets better and better. Well you men are in amazing hands, a Kryptonian and a super-secret agent.”

“What’s a Kryptonian,” asks Dean.

“Tell him, Bobby. I want to see this reaction.”

“Not much is written on them, just what I have from old Indian legends and the information from Veritas. Professor Swan was in that group. He told me some things.”

“You knew Virgil Swan, asks Clark.

“Yes. He knew about Kryptonians. Clark Kent? Are you Kal-El, Clark,” asks Bobby.

“How does everyone know me without me knowing me?”

“Clark, I work for a number of agencies, not the least of which is Torchwood. Argus, Department 7, Warehouse 23, the Twilight Project. I have a significant number of people working day and night to protect this world. For many years I played the part of a dedicated agent for a group known as the Company. The fact is they were a branch of the American Torchwood Institute. I found that out the day my daughter was handed to me. One agency in particular, which will probably raise a shit-storm in the future, is Checkmate.

They know about you Clark, and they know about all your so-called Justice League. The Blur is a definitive threat to those in power. I know because another group which I represent is fighting Checkmate tooth and nail. I can never leave any of my affiliated groups. I can never be revealed. However, I trust you Clark. And if I can trust you, I know these men can.”

“Well now that that sappiness is over. Let’s get to the matter at hand,” says Crowley with his usual snarkiness.
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