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Re: I love having new gadgets.. got me a Samsung Galaxy 3S

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I soon plan to get a OBD2 bluetooth adapter and the Torque Pro app as well. You might be interested in that if you ever do any work on your car.
Let me know which adapter you end up buying. I've been thinking about getting one, but I understand the quality of the cheap ones is very hit-and-miss. Which one you get and how much you pay for it would be of interest to me (as well as it quality and reliability, of course!)
I ended up ordering this one from Amazon. There seem to be three or four different models of cheap ones out there and many sellers for each one. This is one of those. Realizing that the cheap ones seem to be hit-or-miss, I just picked one that seemed to have decent ratings more often than not and took a chance. It works just fine for me so far, although I haven't had it long enough to really put it though its paces.

I do find, however, that it's not really practical to drive around with it installed and connected to my phone for routine driving. It maxes out the CPU usage on my phone and runs the battery down very fast. Even plugged in the phone can't charge, as the power coming in from the charger is just barely enough to supply the needs of the phone. In other words, Torque is a high drain app.
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