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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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The reason I believe that John Blake wasn't named Dick Grayson or Tim Drake or anyone like that is because it's impossible, with the internet and buzz, to keep his identity Robin as a secret before the film's release (*ahem, John Harrison, ahem*) before it comes out.
The other reason is that John Blake becomes the next BATMAN, not some version of Robin.
He was alreadyRobin in TDKR . Just not a costumed sidekick. But still a young assistant, apprentice to Batman. Who is an orphan and knows Bruce is Batman. That sounds like Robin to me.

The ending is Robin will take over as the new Batman. Almost every story in the comics about Batman's successor has it being Robin. When you think about, Robin never was just a sidekick but Batman's apprentice in the comics too. The movie takes all those ideas just leaves out the costume.

The name "John Blake" is irrelevant. He only says that as his first name once at the end. Otherwise he is only called "Blake" through the whole film. Same with his name in the end credits.

Something I never seen anyone notice is the significance of how we learn his name is Robin. Bruce Wayne listed him in his will under that name. Which means Batman knows him as Robin. That is very symbolic of who the character is.

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