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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler

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I did finally check out an episode of Elementary. It wasn't bad. Jonny Lee Miller is a fine English actor but, as I expected, I was underwhelmed by Lucy Liu. The chemistry just isn't there. Holmes and Watson must have chemistry or it's just another procedural.
Which episode did you see because I think Holmed and Watson on Elementary have chemistry. Is it possible that being underwhelmed by Lucy Liu was some kind of self fulfilling prophecy?

I honestly prefer Elementary to Sherlock, both are good shows but I have come to dislike the "Haha, everyone thinks they're gay" jokes. Either make them a couple or stop the constant ship teasing, it's not funny or clever.
Despite people assuming that Elementary would go the will they/won't they route with their female Watson it's actually Sherlock that's doing it. Elementary handles the Holmes/Watson friendship much better, probably because they have more time to develop it.
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