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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Voyager wasn't about Janeway. It was about a group of characters, and different kind of stories. I will never understand why people will deny themselves good stories about interesting characters, just because one character died. And this is coming from someone who only really started liking the Voyager characters thanks to Kirsten's books.

Janeway was/is only one character (and in my opinion not a very interesting one) in a whole ensemble. Go and read the novels by Kirsten, especially the ones without Janeway, and you'll see that this crew, this group of people, are AS good as they are without her, then with.
Everyone enjoys a show in different ways and for different reasons. Please don't assume I enjoy things the same way you do and that everyone else should too.

One of the Treks I grew up on was Voyager and Janeway was a huge part of it because seeing a woman in a role like that as a girl made a great impression on me. So excuse me if Janeway is a huge part of Voyager for me and factors into my choices for enjoying fandom outside the show itself.

Annnnnyhow, thanks to everyone who replied. I'll probably go ahead and give starting with Full Circle a try first.
You should certainly enjoy it your own way, I won't say you shouldn't. I just feel that saying you love Voyager but then don't read certain novels because one character out of several is missing, makes no sense. You are robbing yourself of a great reading experience that way. I actually rewatched Voyager after reading the Beyer-novels, and enjoyed the show so much more, since Beyer made the character far more believable to me then the show itself ever did.

You enjoy whatever way you want, definatly. But don't deny yourself something because of one missing character.
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