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Re: Mass Effect games as Sci-fi

I'm a believer that scifi/games/VR/nanotech will eventually converge, it will be scifi, and will exist AS scifi. It will be a new storytelling medium. Having said that...............the current era of video games, while influential don't seem to be on the level of a good novel or movie/tv series. I tried playing Mass Effect 2 (I am not a gamer in any sense of the word) and it didn't really suck me in. I plan on returning to it to explore it further sometime.

PS I started one of those threads mentioned in some of the op links that led to older links...I questioned if Mass Effect or Halo are this era's Star Trek or SW...I think the answer is a definitive yes...I see lots of kids that hardly seem to watch tv or movies much at all anymore, their only concern is for games. Its's cool that they're interactive I suppose, but I found the Halo 4 low budget movie more appealing than any of the game itself. I also liked the historical presentation from Halo Legends, it inspired me to buy two Halo novels by Greg Bear. I guess I'm old fashioned on this point.
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