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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

Outside of Amanda Seyfried's endless warbling, I generally enjoyed all of the casting, even Crowe, whom I greatly feared (though he's very clearly spending so much time trying to maintain his pitch that he barely emotes).

That being said, Les Miserables has some of the sloppiest cinematography of the year. I'm talking beyond just Tom Hooper's two shots (extreme, shaky close-up; crane shot zooming up and away from a character), though that was inexcusable -- you barely get a sense of any of the set geography. The lighting is balls, too. The night photography, which comprises more than half the film, is just a sickly gray wash over everything. And in the second half, flags unfurled and everyone got all Vive le France ... and the flags would just be these flaccid pale red splashes on the screen. For a film about boldness of action, it was shot really, really timidly.
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