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Have to agree with all the points various posters brought up above. I disliked the fact that GR seemed to do a near complete Federation/Star Fleet retcon (and what was done to the the 'Prime Directive' in TNG was a prime example.)

In TOS the Prime Directive was there to protect developing cultures who had no knowledge of interstellar space flight; or other intelligent life in space. (And the Federation itself often made exceptions if a planet had a badly needed resource - hence situations on planets like Capella in the TOS episode Friday's Child.) The Federation was also not above helping emerging space faring cultures, even if they didn't have Federation values - leading to the situation in the TOS episode Elann Of Toyious.

Yet in TNG it appears the 'Prime Directive' sudenly meant no interference whatsoever in any world not a ,member of the UFP - and it was ridiculous (IMO) to hear Picard say "Well, we can't be involved in another (space faring) culture's internal affairs..." EVEN WHEN it was clear inaction on Picard's part would have a VERY detrimental effect on Star Fleet. <---- Sorry, but I thought part of Star Fleet's mission WAS Federation protection and defense - so Picard (IMO) wasn't much of a Captain or a Federation citizen in that aspect.

Hell, I think even the Star Trek series writer's noticed how ridiculous the attitude was; and that's why we got Section 31 on DS9; as even the writer's realized that if Picard's was the prevailing attitude in the 24th century Federation; there's NO WAY the Federation could have survived WITHOUT the actions of Section 31.

Like most Star Trek fans, I did find elements of TNG I liked; and have episodes I did truly enjoy. But overall, I felt a lot of what I liked in Star Trek to be absent from that show.
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