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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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How was Kes well developed?
Even the writing staff themselves admitted they messed up on her development.
Kes was as well developed as any other main character on the show.

As for the "writing" staff, well they are veeeeeeeery reliable, aren't they.
That's not saying much, considering that some of the characters on the show, Harry Kim and Chakotay in particular are some of the least developed characters in Star Trek history.

Again the problem with Kes is are few episodes about what makes her tick, rather then episodes where things happen to her and how she reacts to these things. There was less of character study with her then other Star Trek. This would have easy to remedy, but the writers seemed to have no interest in doing so, so Kes had the potential to be a great character, but the writers failed to follow through. She certainly a better character then Harry Kim or Chakotay.

I think this video has a good explanation on how Kes could have been used:
Good video. I've seen it before.

On the 14th August I actually added a link to that video at another location on the Kes Internet Support Society's forum (unfortunately that link is broken now). It's a good description of the character and some really good points in it when it comes to what the character was and what she could have been. I don't share all opinions in the video but I find a lot which I can agree with.

As I see it, they should have omitted or got rid of the silly short lifespan and instead focus on her personality which was the most interesting with the character. She could have had some limited powers, just like these she showed in "Persistence Of Vision" and at the end of "Cold Fire".

According to the video, dumping Kes was a loss for the writers as well. It's possible. The actions of the writers when it comes to Kes is confusing, to say the least. They could come up with decent kes stories up to the last minute of her time on the show, then all of a sudden they lost those abilities. That's one of the reasons I don't believe their statements of "having difficulties to write for the character". It's more like they've been ordered to come up with such a statement.

OK, Kes could have been written better. But she's not the only character suffering from erratic writing, in fact all of them did.

For different reasons, I was about to totally lose interest in Voyager and everything considering it some months ago and therefore I've spent some time going through all episodes of TNG (I'm into season 4 now). When I compare TNG and Voyager and the writing for both shows, I see inspiration and a direction for all characters and the whole show for TNG while I see some desperate twists and turns from a tired staff of writers in Voyager. The characters of Voyager had better premises than TNG's, still the writers couldn't really handle them or the show itself. It was "let's try this, we haven't had that before" and when it didn't work, it was "ah, forget it and drop it, the viewers won't notice". In the end, they all seem to give up, sitting out the event and waiting for it to end while planning for their new pet project "Enterprise" and showing the finger to the Voyager fans on two occasions ("Fury" and "Endgame").

So Kes wasn't the only character suffering from erratic writing. The whole show did. Still, the show has a certain charm and I do find the characters great.

When it comes to Chakotay and Kim, Chakotay had great potential but it was never used. he could have been a new Riker but they never used that opportunity. As for Kim, he's better in the books where he actually does something, like coming up with ideas and solutions and are involved in some interesting adventures too. (Unfortunately, he ends up badly injured in many of them but that's another story.)

As for the video, it pleases me that the creator of the video dismissed "Fury" totally. As I see it, that parody of an episode isn't even worth to discuss or analyze in a serious attempt to analyze the show.
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