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Re: possible reason we never seen the phaser rifle after w.n.m.h.g.b.

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do most members look at enterprise as being accurate history to tos?
Enterprise ignored elements of "Balance of Terror" (Romulan cloaking being an amazing new thing, details 22nd century starship technology) and the Next Generation episode "First Contact" (details of Klingon/human first contact)

But you have to remember, TOS often ignored elements of earlier TOS - like Kirk's middle initial changing, antimatter going from starship fuel ("The Naked Now") to something with the ability to destroy everything, everywhere all at once ("The Alternative Factor") and back again. Shuttle craft not existing when it's convenient to the story ("The Enemy Within"), Vulcan mating going from an extreme taboo ("Amok Time") to a conversation piece ("The Cloud Minders") etc. and I think it's kind of strange that fans tend to gloss over this stuff when pointing out the changes made to TOS in other shows.
ENT and TNGs "First Contact" work fine together.
  • Centuries Ago. check. ENT takes place two hundred years prior to TNG
  • Disastrerous. check. Archer pretty much screwed the pooch every time he met a Klingon.
  • Decades of war. Its possible as we have large periods of "history" that are unaccounted for. Who know what trouble Archer may have caused then.

We also don't know who made first contact with the Klingons. It might have been the Vulcans before the Federation was formed. IIRC, they have surveillance before contact policy. They might have introduced the policy into the Federation and Starfleet.

Also, the guy who wrote the line in "First Contact" said it was fine.
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