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Will Riker
Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

Perhaps. But it's one of those things that has to be executed flawlessly to not come across as silly and trite.
I think therein lies the problem. I think it's a good premise that needed passionate writers, director, and editing team behind it. The pieces were there though.

Err, Stewart has never been an A-list actor, and Hardy was a nobody at the time.
Hardy's talent was still there and it showed. I think he played that part about as well it could have been played for the material he was given. Maybe "A-list" wasn't the right term, he's definitely a top notch actor though.

I disagree. Your scenario only works if Lore is somehow involved to provide counterpoint: as in, he struggles with this brother because the last one turned out so bad. Also, if the Data/B4 dyad was intended to work as a thematic parallel to Picard/Shinzon, it still would have worked better as Lore.

Really there's no reason plot-specific for them to NOT have used Lore. I mean, if the Rommies had the foresight to clone Picard when he was still relatively insignificant, surely they could have smuggled Lore's parts out of Daystrom. In fact, I have no doubt the only reason B4 was created in the first place is to give Data his own "Remember..."
I think B4 before would have worked much in the same way Lal worked in "The Offspring". Data had worked so hard trying to evolve and become more human throughout the show and he finally found something in B4 that he thought he could have a human sibling relationship with that wouldn't disappoint him. He had been disappointed with his father, with his mother, with his brother, and with his daughter, but now he's found a raw android just like himself that he could program and teach to be just like him. The scene where Data has to deactivate B4, Spiner played that perfectly and it gave us a glimmer of the story they were trying to tell.
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