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Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

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I think the story is there. Picard battling a younger, angrier version of himself had the makings of a very powerful movie.
Perhaps. But it's one of those things that has to be executed flawlessly to not come across as silly and trite.

Especially when you have two A-list actors in Patrick Stewart and Tom Hardy.
Err, Stewart has never been an A-list actor, and Hardy was a nobody at the time.

And I think the B4 aspect also really could have worked, Data struggling with having a brother that he could possibly have a real connection with could also have been powerful. And the final scene with B4, that could have been so emotional, but it wasn't. The people who made it didn't know or care enough to really make it strong and emotional.
I disagree. Your scenario only works if Lore is somehow involved to provide counterpoint: as in, he struggles with this brother because the last one turned out so bad. Also, if the Data/B4 dyad was intended to work as a thematic parallel to Picard/Shinzon, it still would have worked better as Lore.

Really there's no reason plot-specific for them to NOT have used Lore. I mean, if the Rommies had the foresight to clone Picard when he was still relatively insignificant, surely they could have smuggled Lore's parts out of Daystrom. In fact, I have no doubt the only reason B4 was created in the first place is to give Data his own "Remember..."

EDIT: You know, I got the TNG Blu-ray set for Christmas. Maybe I'll start with NEM. To be fair, I've only seen it three times, all in 2002. Perhaps I'll even put up a review tonight or tomorrow.
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