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Re: Amazing Spiderman #700

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You do realize the problem with gaining new readers isn't content, but rather that comic companies have been cut off from the main avenues where they previously were able to gain them.
Content and its accessibility to new readers is a problem. Getting back into those main avenues is fruitless, if someone picks up the book and it reads like some convoluted, self referential in joke written in a secret language.
Your argument that writing is inaccessible seems specious. The Death of Captain America or Death of Superman both relied heavily upon previously established continuity even more so than ASM #700 and both did well by the standards of their time. I think the current crop of comic book writers are smart enough to know 1) who makes up their purchasing readers (usually the comic book store crowd) and write towards them and still 2) make it accessible to people coming aboard. The book isn't the problem for new readers since most of these "new readers" are generally returning readers and content really is just more a reflection on who is buying and where they are selling them.
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