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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Justice League #15: Three issues now post Jim Lee and I continue to be amazed at the difference. The characterization and writing are back to what I expect from Geoff Johns capability. Ivan Reis art work jumps off the page like it did in "Aquaman". I am even enjoying the portrayal of the Clark/Diana relationship. I was expecting it to be tossed in our faces, but it has been anything but, and actually been really charming.

As for the story itself...I wasn't expecting to like "Throne of Atlantis" but again have been pleasantly been surprised by it. I got a sense of epicness about it that was lacking in the first origin arc, which leads us into...

Aquaman #15: I am liking the new artist. I think we've had just one issue or two that has missed the mark in Johns run so far, but this isn't one of them. This issue takes place after the attacks in Justice League (Chapter One of Throne of Atlantis) as we get some nice character moments between Aquaman and Batman as Arthur gives a quick back story on how he became King of Atlantis and the Atlantean mentality. They find Vulko who warns them about the attack, and convinces Arthur to change his brother's mind, we finally see Ocean Master at the end of the issue as he is confronted by Aquaman who attempts to convince him this was a mistake, but it's not exactly going smoothly, and then the trinity (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) show up which of course makes things worse and we end on a cliff hanger. As I mentioned in my review of Justice League, I wasn't expecting to like this arc, but I will continue to follow it. I've always been a fan of Atlantis and now it seems like Johns is intertwining them with the greater New 52'Verse.
With some variance I feel the same.
Dropped JL at issue 2 but enjoyed this. The whole glasses bit was funny. I did expect to like Throne of Atlantis and this got it started off well. Something telling here as well, Lois is in trouble, unknown to Superman?, and his comment is "we can't save them all". Clearly caught up in things with Diana it seems.

I've enjoyed every issue of Aquaman and this carryover from JL kept the pace up nicely. Mera got good "screen" time in here as well. It seems this story is essentially an angle on the Morrison story in the 90's where Batman has a plan to defeat everyone should the need arise. Here it's Aquaman who has a plan to attack the surface world AND which people need to be neutralized first(including Batman). So Aquaman gets to be the character everyone will have some issue with this time instead of Bruce.
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