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Re: The Walking Dead (Spoilers after first post)

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I remember having a lot of problems with the game stuttering right after shooting the officer in the woods, and at the time it distracted me and slowed down so much that I gave up on trying to play it on my PC. I just spent enough time in the game right before this post to get through that part again, and it had the same problem but to a much lesser extent this time.
So instead of doing the sensible thing and checking Telltale's website back when I was first having this problem, I waited until today - after finishing episode one on the Xbox retail disc release - to actually read their FAQ. Apparently this is an issue with ATI graphics card drivers and shadows, so the FAQ recommends turning off shadows in the game settings until completing the woods portion early in episode one.

In any event, I have finished the first episode now, and am already loving the game. The art is exactly what I would want (inspired by Adlard's comics art), the performances are strong and nuanced, and the story telling is pitch perfect.

My choices for episode one:
  • Saved Duck
  • Honest with Herschel
  • Sided with Kenny, re: Duck
  • Refused to let Irene use the gun
  • Saved Carley
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