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Re: Ultimate Minecraft Full Size 1701-A Project

Just a small update, I've been working behind the scenes on some of the ship's infrastructure. It's always bothered me that you have to climb up and down the Turboshafts via ladders on account on Minecraft not having moving blocks, but with the latest version of Minecraft you have "Command Blocks" that can teleport players to destinations of your choosing.

So... with a little help from the ComputerCraft addon, I've been able to put together something that feels like a working Turbolift. Here's what the inside of the Turbolift Car looks like at the moment (I haven't bothered to detail it yet):

What we have there is a Computer, a Monitor, and hiding behind a panel underneath is a Command Block. The monitor displays your current location, and if you click the computer next to it you get a menu pop up:

All you need to do is enter the deck number of your choice, and the computer will send you there:

Behind the scenes, the code looks like this:

Every Turbolift Car has an XYZ coordinates, so all the computer is doing is passing a teleport command to its attached Command Block and sending you there.

I plan on using a more advanced program for the ship's teleporters, allowing you to target a player by name and teleport them on/off the ship. Or, set a target location for the teleport pads and have them send whoever is stood on them to that location after X number of seconds (so you can set the location and run over to the pads).

I also plan on using a huge 4x2 block Monitor for the Bridge Main Viewscreen, and have a wireless computer network on the ship so you can control each deck's systems from the bridge itself.
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