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Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

Drop the Remans, drop the clone issue, drop b4 and just start from scratch. TUC was a nice send off for the Kirk crew. This was just a slap in the face to TNG. Using the Romulans was a good choice but they didn't even end up being that big of a deal. It was quite frustrating.
Actually they didn't go far enough with these if they really wanted to make this a good film. When Shinzon first showed up and when they first started introducing him as a villain they made it really seem like he was a younger Picard and that he was more interesting. But soon after he just turned into a stock villain that is out for revenge against anyone for no real reason. I could actually understand his hatred for Romulans growing up that way. But his motives overall are poor and he just isn't that good a character. The Remans didn't matter at all to me. They just looked weird. B4 concept I didn't hate that much, but it was poorly thought out like the rest of the film was. The script needed a few more drafts and to be ironed out. Seemed like this movie never really got finished in the writing process before it was filmed.
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