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Re: Kurzweil at Google

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He didn't "predict" those technologies any more than I did. Everything you listed has been on the table since at least the mid-'90s, and in some cases, much earlier.

I'll go a step further: predicting things is easy. Making them happen is hard. So, I will be curious to see what comes out of Kurzweil's work here. Google does a lot of interesting stuff, and they are at the bleeding edge of data analytics and processing.
Actually, its certain many technologies were predicted so to speak in sci fi many decades before, the point is Kurweil built up a connected series of technology predictions and actually has come close to predicting when they will come to pass(most are not so bold..mainly because they didn't have Kurzweil's math to back them up), and how they fit into our future, and has been far more accurate than Arthur C Clarke, or Heinlein or most technological futurists. In fact, in the case of some of these technologies, there has been vehement argument that they won't happen("wearable computers, goggles, etc are one of these: "people will never wear these!!"), or surely not before much further in the future, well they were wrong.
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