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Re: Missing episodes: a hypothetical question

I'd go with B) 10 orphaned episodes. Given that there's 8 stories without anything that might be good odds for reducing that figure.

I'd be happy with anything. But I suppose everyone's first and last episodes would be more pleasing. so

Myth Makers 4, DMP 4, Massacre 4, Savages 4, Tenth Planet 4, Power 1, Highlanders 1, Fury 6, Wheel 2, plus Marco Polo 4, Smugglers 1.

Might of been A) if it was more than 10. I'd love to see Marco Polo and Power Of The Daleks.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Having seen the one surviving episode of "The Celestial Toymaker," I'm not sure that the absence of the rest of it is such a great loss.
The audio suggests 4 very different episodes, like Space Pirates 2 (without any Space Pirates!) its probably not the best to judge it by.

The few fans who've seen Underwater Menace part 2 have changed their opinion of the story from what they knew about part 3.

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I pick a) and want everything else animated, they have audios it can't be that expensive, the BBC should find some money for it, don't they get billions every year?
The thing is though we've been told (for what that's worth!) they can't afford to do more than 2 episodes a story. So the best chance of a complete Wheel In Space (we have 2/6) would be find another 2. They'd then have the insentive to animate the remainder. Even if they just found 1 that would make it 50% complete, they might budge then.

On the other hand if episodes did start to be found they might thing it wasn't worth the risk! Recovering something just animated would be bittersweet.
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