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Kurzweil at Google

Digital Trends has an assessment of the implications.

The not so obvious returns, aside from products:

The way I see it, this is still part of the "self-fulfilling" prophecy(at the risk of using theistic terms). AI advancement and potential Singularity are being created on a wide front, likely impossible to stop, BUT without a directed, self-aware focus it may not come as fast as is possible. Google, its CEO's, former employees, and related visionaries are at the forefront of creating technologies needed, once thought impossible or unlikely, the fact we have or will have the technology soon is reflected in the fact they are going to put their money where there mouth is.

Kurzweil’s work at Google will likely intersect strongly with Google’s X Lab, currently overseen by co-founder Sergei Brin. X Lab is basically a secret skunkworks facility that’s reportedly working on everything from a space elevator to technology aimed at making a wide range of everyday devices fully accessible (and interactive with) the Internet. (X Lab spawned Google’s driverless cars and wearable goggles.) Kurzweil has only said he’ll be working on “new projects involving machine learning and language processing;” that seems to tie in very neatly with X lab work reportedly underway on neural networks capable of learning, understanding speech, and analyzing audio, video, and other media.
These are technologies predicted by Kurzweil, and by a certain timeline, it seems appropriate he can influence their continued development.
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