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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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All because there isn't money doesn't mean everybody works for the state.
Well, he did not say "everybody," he said every company ... i.e. business.

I don't even understand how you came to that logic.
In modern society, resources for a business are largely allocated with money. Electrical power, property, structures, goods, services, equipment, talented people.

If a government totally controls the allocation of all the "free" resources, they effectively own all businesses. If they only exercise a small degree of control through laws, regulations and taxes, then they don't own all businesses.

If there is a new residential tower being built in 24th century San Fransisco, who is doing the actual construction? A private company or a government? And who owns it after it's finished, by which I mean who is responsible for it, maintenance and upkeep? What mechanism decides who get to live there, who get the penthouse view, and who faces a wall on the other side of an alley?

In a society with a functioning monetary system, many of these latter decisions would be made with money, and who has it. In a work of complete fantasy, you can say "these things just happen all by themselves." Somewhere decisions are being made, people using money, or government using authority.

And that KamenRiderBlade is how Brainsucker "came to that logic." If I understand his position correctly.

It's all in the details.

Yes thank you. It is what I means.

That's why I think that a government that not using money, they would own every companies on the planet. Because no one would care to open a private company to provide service for the people.
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