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Re: Darkover novels..

Sorry, late reply, I don't visit this forum very often..

I don't know which Darkover novel is the best, out of the huge series I have only read three so far (last few weeks my reading has been none existant for lack of time).. I can never decide what to do though, MZB seemed to insist people read the books in order in which they were written because of her developing writing style. But fans often seem to like reading them in chronological order, meaning starting from reading the book where they crash onto that planet (very technological species) till later where they have devolved so to speak into a species low in technology but high in magic. I have read one of each and must say I like both. I like when a tech species devolves, but I love it (like in Anne McCaffrey's books) when a seemingly medieval society discovers they are descended from a space travelling species. I actually like the latter more, but I haven't gotten that far in the Darkover series yet.

I just like the idea of having an entire series like this to read.. it's like discovering a box of your favorite candies you forgot you bought. Or discovering a 50 euro bill in an old wallet hee hee..
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