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Re: Amazing Spiderman #700

Thank god they're still dead, if they brought them back all they needed to do was get Peter, MJ, Harry, Gwen, Flash, Liz etc. all together, have them hit by a de-aging beam and sent them back to college to complete the "Just like when I was young" plan too many comic book writers seem to follow.

I don't have a problem with this current story, primarily because the door for Peter's return is wide open, he already uploaded parts of his memories/personality back into his body. So his body is alive and his personality is kinda, sorta floating around inside, he's so not dead.
It would be different i they had blown Peter's head off and later made up some idiotic story how he came back because Dr. Strange had a hiccup or something. This isn't about Peter's death, this is about Peter's brain being screwed up by Otto's memories and Peter going gaga for a little time.
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