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Re: Amazing Spiderman #700

On the one hand I really half felt like contacting Marvel for a refund of my digital copy and on the other - it is bold storytelling I mean that kind of thing has never happened really. Sure bad guys have body swapped before but the bad guy didn't decide to become a 'good guy' at the end.

But honestly if this lasts more than a year - I'll be pissed. I don't think Octo-Pete will last. All it'll really take is some telepath or even Doc Strange or even some machine of Reed Richards to filter out the OO from the PP and maybe we'll get the more 'mature' Parker we should have. Honestly I can understand Marvel wanting Spider-Man to mature - he can still be youthful and a wiseass but I saw clues to the reasons waaay back in BND's first issue - he's applying for work and basically it's all this 'what were you doing with your time?'

While I think this will have some creepy ramifications - if things go back to status quo, I think he will have no choice really but to step it up. Be the adult. Besides hey I'm still holding out hope that MJ and Pete will have a Mayday Parker and we'll see a Spider-Girl someday lol
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